Libby Nation Music is run much like a private school. Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance, which guarantees that a particular day/time is reserved solely for you for the entire semester. Though many students are consistent and reliable about attendance, some are not; this policy is a way to support the commitment and investment of both teacher and student. Your teacher is in high-demand and has a limited number of lesson slots to offer to students each semester. Upon enrollment, an exclusive weekly time is set apart just for you. This means that your lesson slot is unavailable to any other students for the semester because your teacher has made a commitment to instruct you at that time. Unlike a doctor or a hairdresser, the time you miss cannot be resold nor can extra teaching time be created in which to give lessons. Please be sure, when enrolling for the term, that the day/time you decide on is going to be in harmony with your schedule throughout the term. Regular attendance fosters progress and helps to maximize your investment in the lessons.